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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet


I’ve jacked my office job in and I’m moving to Austria.

Granted, I’m swapping one desk for another, but instead of commuting to a grey business park, wistfully looking out over Gatwick watching people jet off on their holidays everyday, I’ll be Excel-spreadsheeting in the snowy heights of St. Johann.

The past four weeks where I’ve had to get my life together pretty quickly for this move (so.much.paperwork.) has been a blur of dinners, drinks and my darling friends.

So this post is a bit of a love letter to you guys.

Also I’m procrastinating with organising the last few bits that need to go into my suitcase and putting off tidying the bomb site that is currently my bedroom.

It’s not very often you get to explicitly express how much you value and love the people in your life – except maybe at a funeral but then that seems a little too late in the day to write down a bunch of nice things about how amazing the deceased is.

In case you haven’t noticed there’s been a resurgence of commercially branding and capitalising on female friendships (#girlgang) the past 18 months. Taylor Swift and crew have been waving the flag for surrounding yourself with a solid group of lady mates who are more like sisters than friends. Very much a girl’s girl, I’ve been part of my own girl gang for many, many years now and have only continued to add new members to my well-heeled clique.

Apart from family / Cadbury chocolate, my girls are what I’ll miss the most now that I’m about to move away.

Below is why we are friends.. brace yourself, there will be mush.

1 / You listen to my most stupidest worries and only slightly don’t mock me for them.

2 / Being around all of you is like having my own personal cheerleading troupe. If I had said that it was my lifelong dream to go live as a goat in Switzerland, I know I would be supported in every kind of way. (OK, extreme example, but you get the gist).

3 / I am forever grateful for the endless patience that you seem to have by bucket loads when I start droning on in detail about my ~*LoVe LiFe *~  or lack thereof.

4 / That nothing embarrasses you and no topic is off limits for discussion. Toilet troubles, boyfriend’s bits, gross body malfunctions, strange people we kind of fancy, the thought filters get set to ‘disable’ whenever we are around each other.

5 / My love for Beyoncé is considered in any joint playlist I have shared with pals. If you love me, you gotta love B 👑🐝

6 / You’re all fabulous dancers. From slut-drops to epic air guitar moves, ladies there is no one I’d rather tear up a dance floor with than you.

7 / The swearing. People say it’s not ladylike to swear and to that we say fuck them. Having an imaginative sweary group of girls as your bestest buds is a gift that keeps on giving. ‘Cockwomble’ is my word of this shitshow that has been 2016.

8 / When bad decisions and wrong turns cause me to fall flat on my face I am always met with helpful advice and a large glass of wine.

9 / Just for the ‘lols’ alone is reason enough to keep you guys around.

10 / You are my ultimate inspirations. A collection of dazzling women who kick-ass and make me proud to be part of your lives everyday.

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