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7 Hairstyles to avoid helmet hair

This post was originally written for Crystal Ski 

Insignificant to some but to others the struggle is quite real, yes I am talking about the best hairstyles for skiing whilst wearing a helmet. You may scoff, you may mutter under your breath ‘how trivial and unimportant‘ but for people like myself, thinking about how to manage our lovely locks so it doesn’t impact on slope time or end up an après-ski project every night taming wind-kissed wild tangles into submission, there are a couple of legitimate factors up for consideration. You want it out the way, you want it to somewhat resist a helmet-hair situation and you want it to stay looking half decent come the last lift (part personal vanity and part #selfie culture shouldering the blame, but no judgement here it’s perfectly normal to think this way). Just arm yourself with a pack of kirby grips, preferred hair bands and browse the below mix of tried and tested hairstyles that tick all the boxes to wear under a helmet.

/ Classic French Braid

Probably the first ‘tricky’ hairstyle that most of us take a go at when growing up. The French braid sits comfortably snug underneath a helmet AND goes the distance during a long day on the slopes with keeping hair in place. It’s my front runner for looking cute while being practical, as well as keeping helmet-hair to a minimum.

skiing hairstyle french plait


Get the tutorial here

/ The Low Plait

If you haven’t conquered the French braid or not feeling the fuss, go for a low plait. Not only is it easy and quick, a low plait is versatile in so many different ways. Plait it to the side, chuck a front braid into the mix, plait midway and let the ends loose; like the Weetabix of helmet-hair hairstyles, build it how you like it, anything and everything goes.

low plait skiing hair

Get a front braid to low plait tutorial here

/ Double French braid (A.K.A The Boxer Braid)

Not only is this the style de jour at the moment, from every insta-famous ‘It Girl ‘ to those on your local high street, everyone is channelling a Hilary Swank Million Dollar Baby look. Swap the raised plait of the typically inverted Dutch braid on this style for a flatter, more helmet-friendly classic French braid.

double braids skiing

This is a brilliant how-to video

/ Heidi

Again, currently having a bit of a moment with the fash-pack, the Heidi hairstyle has shed its previously naff persona and taken one giant step forward as being considered quite a chic ‘do. Make your plaits soft and loose before securing them to your head for maximum comfiness under a helmet.


Tutorial here

/ 90s Double bun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, trends from the 90s are back in a big way. Chokers, Pokémon and double buns have been pulling on nostalgic heartstrings. Not that I’m complaining, it gives me another opportunity to impersonate my favourite Spice Girl.

90s double bun hairstyle

Get the tutorial here

/ Feeling-fancy-fishtail

The fishtail is the fantasy braid of Pinterest hair-dreamers everywhere, and should only be attempted by those with heaps of patience to practice and or / have the stamina to keep your arms up at an awkward angle for an extended period of time. But once you’ve cracked the art of under over the other over (say that really, really fast ten times!) you’ll be the envy of braid-buffs everywhere, including myself.

fish tail braid skiing hair idea

Tutorial (and may the hair gods be with you)

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